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Email is full of your personal data

  • Documents

  • contracts

  • Links to cloud files

  • password reset links

  • meetings

  • addresses

  • Commercial secrets

  • bank checks

  • Personal photos

Unlike Big Tech email providers like Gmail *, Outlook *, and Yahoo  , Atomic Mail * prioritizes your privacy

Say hello to new era of email communication that prioritizes your security and privacy above all with Atomic Mail *

Blockchain class privacy

Our super secure mail features guarantees only you have access to your emails and your data

End-to-end encryption

When E2EE is used, a message only appears in decrypted form for the person sending the message and the person receiving the message

Decrypt emails only on your device locally

We don't keep your private keys on our servers. Once Atomic Blockchain Secured Mail is active, decryption occurs only on your authorized device

Zero access encryption

Ensures that the content of emails and files is always stored in such a way that the solution provider can never access the information

Recover account access with seed phrase

No personal data required. Your seed phrase is your key to regain access. Keep it secure and private

We have created an email service that we want to use ourselves

We made private email sending simple


Preserve your privacy with unlimited aliases. Add, manage, and delete aliases to keep your identity completely private.

Password protection

Set passwords for your emails to securely send confidential info to your contacts, even if they don't use Atomic Mail

No ads and storage fees

Your inbox has enough storage to keep your email data. For free.

Secure and reliable

Spam free

The unique Atomic mail filter protects against any trash mails. Together with the hide-my-email and Aliases functions, it completely eliminates mail clogging

2-Factor Authentification

Atomic Mail offers 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to provide extra protection against unauthorized access. After entering your password, you'll also need to verify your identity through a second factor

GDPR Compilant

The European GDPR requires companies to secure emails containing sensitive data of EU citizens. Atomic Mail is a secure service with built-in encryption

Questions & Answers

What is Atomic Mail?

Atomic Mail is an email provider with a focus on security and privacy of personal data with encryption function

Is Atomic mail free?

All basic mail functions, including encryption, will always be free for users

How fast are encrypted emails delivered?

Just as fast as a regular emails

How many aliases can I create from one account?

For now, we provide up to 10 free aliases per account

Is it possible to send encrypted emails to other email providers?

Yes, sure! We provide multiple options to encrypt emails for external recipients. For example, Password protected emails is available to be read from any platform and email client